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(The translation of the Ketubah is not literal)

On the [...] day of the week, the [...] day of the [Hebrew] month of [...], the year [...] after the creation of the world, the bride, ______, and the groom, ______, unite in marriage according to the law of Moses, as destined in the heavenly courts. Following the tradition of hundreds of generations of Jewish husbands, he(name) will faithfully work, honor, and support her(name). He will hold her trust in him sacred, protecting her dignity.
The surety for all the obligations of this marriage contract (ketubah), has been assumed by [...] the said groom, with the full obligation dictated by all documents of ketubot and additional sums due to every daughter of Israel, executed in accordance with the enactment of our Sages, of blessed memory.
He(name) our groom affirmed: "Let this contract serve as a reminder to me always of the sacredness of the marriage bond, and that there is a literal and spiritual and emotional price to be paid when a marital bond is severed G-d forbid."
We have completed the act of acquisition from name, son of [...], our bridegroom, to name, daughter of [...], our bride, regarding everything written and stated above. Everything is valid and confirmed. 
May the bride and groom live with the teachings of the Torah; that within marriage, it is against a backdrop of respect that love can flourish and be sustained.
It is on this foundation of commitment and respect that this marriage is blessed to be everlasting.

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(The translation of the Ketubah is not literal)

In the presence of their families, friends and community, on the [...] day of the week, the [...] of the [Hebrew] month of [...], the year [...] from the creation of the world, in the city of [...], [Groom’s name] son of [...] and [Bride’s name] daughter of [...] stand beneath the marriage canopy [Chuppah].

At this time, [Groom’s name], publicly declared to [Bride’s name], “Be my beloved wife according to the Laws of Moses and Israel, and I will honor and support you faithfully and exclusively in a manner that is worthy of daughters of Israel.” 

From this day forth, he has promised to see that her every need is met: mind, body, and spirit, for in her he has found his soul’s completion. In keeping with the holy customs of our ancestors, he has affirmed that he will work to provide [Brides name] with food, shelter, love - the shirt off his back if necessary. 

This document serves as a lasting and binding testament to that declaration, guaranteeing that no matter what this couple faces in life, whether together or apart, during this life and beyond, [Groom’s name] will ensure that [Bride’s name] lacks for nothing. 

In accepting this contract, [Bride’s name] and [Groom’s name] are now bound together in the law of Moses and the Torah, placing them within a tradition reaching back to Mt. Sinai and the Garden of Eden. May the love they both feel at this moment blossom and multiply, strengthen and expand, as they step out from beneath the temporary canopy and set off to build their permanent home.

Given that all financial agreements, including the ancient Biblical commitment of 200 silver Zuz, have been reached between the bride and the groom according to the traditions of our sages, this document has been accepted by [Groom’s name] and witnessed, and everything is in order.

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