Israel Wedding

Israel Wedding

Israel Wedding:

Israel, the place that so many call home, even without living there! The sights throughout Israel are eye catching and heart warming. The artist, Mushki, so perfectly depicts many of these sites, bringing to life many symbolic images!

To bring it up a level, this design has gold embellishments on it – being sure to add that perfect touch.

Mushki is an artist whom is currently living in Jerusalem, Israel. Being in Israel infuses her art with many traditional Jewish designs.

Additionally, being the daughter of a sofer*,  many of  Mushki’s designs are created on real parchment – the only material that scribes work with.
*(A sofer is the term used for a Jewish scribe, the ones that write mezuzot, teffilin and torahs)

Art is no longer a subject of a paper and brush, razors and blades have joined the field too! Many of Mushki’s designs include intriguing paper cut shapes and cuts.