Bursting Butterflies

Bursting Butterflies

Bursting Butterflies: 


This design is available as an archival giclée print on rag cotton paper, or a hand made design on parchment.


The following are options that can be added to your design;


On paper: one can emboss the title with 23k gold, and / or enhance the image with gold acrylic paint.


Designs on parchment (all of the following options are included in the price): Emboss the title with 23k gold, have a hand painted design, have gold acrylic paint to enhance the image and have a hand written text by a scribe.


Additionally, one can add velvet to the back of their parchment Ketubah. This enhances the beauty and protects the Ketubah.

    Hebrew text
    Text Options
    Paper or Parchment - Read the description below
    Gold (Silver) Leaf (Included in Parchment price)
    Personalization options
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