A Rose among Thorns

A Rose among Thorns

A Rose among Thorns:

“As a rose among the thorns, so is my beloved among the daughters”.  The verse in ‘Song of Songs’ – Chapter 2;2. The verse is an analogy to a person being pursued, but yet stays firm in their belief. Many times in life we need to keep these ideals at our fingertips.

This is not only a beautifully designed Ketubah, it is also encompassed by the above-said verse.

Mushki is an artist whom is currently living in Jerusalem, Israel. Being in Israel infuses her art with many traditional Jewish designs.

Additionally, being the daughter of a sofer*,  many of  Mushki’s designs are created on real parchment – the only material that scribes work with.
*(A sofer is the term used for a Jewish scribe, the ones that write mezuzot, teffilin and torahs)

Art is no longer a subject of a paper and brush, razors and blades have joined the field too! Many of Mushki’s designs include intriguing paper cut shapes and cuts.

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